Congratulations to Hui-Fen Chang, ACRL member of the week!

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Hui-Fen Hui-Fen Chang was featured as ACRL’s Member of the Week.  She is a member of OKACRL, and presented a poster at the conference in November.  It was really cool to see an Oklahoma librarian featured.


Protect Library Funding in the Economic Stimulus Package

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From Karen Malenfant-ACRL:

The next 36 to 48 hours is critical to get millions, maybe billions, of dollars for libraries in the stimulus package.  We need every single library supporter to start sending messages and calling congressional offices so that we can keep important library provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). As you all know, public libraries are a key source of free Internet access to look for jobs and so much more. All types of libraries provide essential services that stimulate our local economies, and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides crucial funding for libraries to continue and build upon them. This week, the Senate and House versions of the economic stimulus package will go to conference to reconcile these pieces of legislation, and your calls and e-mails will help protect this funding. There are pros and cons of each version of the stimulus, and we need to protect the parts that benefit our communities.


In the coming days, you will receive a lot of e-mails from us, and your advocacy will be the key to our success. Last week, Senate Amendment 501 could have stripped broadband funding from their version of the bill but your calls and e-mails to your elected officials defeated this amendment and successfully protected this funding. Now, more than ever, your activism is needed. Over 1,250 calls went to our elected officials, and now we need even more.


Please call your elected officials in both the House and Senate and tell them to communicate with the conferees in support of the following parts in both the House and the Senate versions:


  • Restore education construction funds eliminated from the Senate version of the ARRA. The House version of the ARRA would provide $14 billion for K-12 construction and $6 billion for higher education construction and specifically mention libraries as an allowable use of funds.  The K-12 construction funds would create 300,000 jobs.
  • Restore the money cut from the State Stabilization Fund in the Senate bill to $79 billion to and restore the Governors ability to use a portion of the funds at his or her discretion.
  • Maintain $8 billion for ‘Broadband Technology Opportunities Program’ for robust broadband to all of America including “fiber to the libraries for the 21st century.”
  • No less than $200 million that shall be available for competitive grants for expanding public computer center capacity, including community colleges and public libraries.
  • Open access of networks should be upheld and not include provisions allowing intrusive network management techniques. 

If your elected officials are one of the following, it is even more critical that you contact them, as they are conferees on this legislation and control what stays in and what will be taken out.  Please contact the following and use the same talking points, above:


Appropriations Chairman Obey (D-WI)

Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel (D-NY)

Commerce Chairman Waxman (D-CA)

Appropriations Ranking Member Jerry Lewis (R-CA)

Ways and Means Ranking Member Dave Camp (R-MI)

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)

Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT)

Appropriations Chairman Daniel Inouye (D-HI)

Finance Ranking Member Chuck Grassley (R-IA)

Appropriations Ranking Member Thad Cochran (R-MS)

Again, the only way our grassroots effort will be successful is with your calls and e-mails. Your efforts have resulted in a stay of implementation on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and a defeat of the amendment that would have cut broadband funding from the Senate version of the economic stimulus act. This is our most important ask yet; without your calls, libraries will be left out of this legislation.

Good News about NIH Public Access Policy

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If you haven’t heard yet, check out the good news from Kara Malenfant of ACRL about the NIH Public Access Policy:

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ACRL Calendar of Events

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Also from the ACRL Insider blog:


March 17: ALA/ACRL Elections Open
March 20: Leading Change (Webcast)
March 26–29: ACRL/Harvard Advanced Leadership Institute for Senior Academic Librarians (Cambridge, MA)
March 27: ACRL OnPoint – NIH Public Access Policy (Online Chat – Free!)
April 2: ACRL Springboard Event (Webcast – Free for ACRL Members!)
April 7: Proposals for 2009 ACRL Midwinter workshops and Annual preconferences due
April 7-28: Creating a Comprehensive Plan for Information Literacy (Online Seminar)
April 10: Being and Finding a Mentor (Webcast)
April 11: Deadline for ACRL Documents for ACRL Spring Executive Committee meeting
April 21 – May 9: Designing Web Sites for Academic Libraries, Part 1 (Online Seminar)
April 24: ALA/ACRL Elections Close
April 29-30: ACRL/LAMA Joint Spring Virtual Institute, “Leading from the Middle: Managing in All Directions”
May 1: ALA/ACRL Election Results Announced
May 8: Keys to Innovation (Webcast)
May 12: Proposals for 2009 ACRL National Conference contributed papers, panel sessions, preconferences, and workshops due
May 13-14: National Library Legislative Day (Washington, DC)
May 15: ACRL Spring Executive Committee meeting
May 26: ALA/ACRL Offices Closed
June 2-21: All Users Are Local: Bringing the Library Next Door to the Campus Worldwide (Online Seminar)
June 24 – 27: 49th Annual RBMS Preconference, “Rare and Special Bytes: Special Collections in the Digital Age” (Los Angeles, CA)
June 26 – July 2: 2008 ALA Annual Conference (Anaheim, CA)
June 27: ACRL Preconference – Assessment of Academic Library Effectiveness: Using ACRL Standards for Continuous Evaluation
June 27: ACRL Preconference – Library Instruction 2.0: Building Your Online Instruction Toolkit
June 27: ACRL Preconference – Mindfully Resolving Conflicts: Facilitation for Diversity Issues
July 4: ALA/ACRL Offices Closed
July 7-28: Creating a Comprehensive Plan for Information Literacy (Online Seminar)
July 27-August 1: Institute for Information Literacy Immersion ‘08 Program (University of California, San Diego)
August 3-8: ACRL/Harvard Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians, (Cambridge, MA)
August 31: ACRL 2007-08 Fiscal Year Ends
September 1: ACRL 2008-09 Fiscal Year Begins
September 24-27: ACRL Board Strategic Planning and Orientation Session
October 20: Proposals for 2009 ACRL National Conference poster sessions due
October 24-25: ACRL Fall Executive Committee meeting
November 23: Proposals for 2009 ACRL National Conference roundtable discussions due


Jan 23–28: 2009 ALA Midwinter Meeting (Denver, CO)
March 12-15: ACRL 14th National Conference (Seattle, WA)
July 9–15: 2009 ALA Annual Conference (Chicago, IL)

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